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The Collection.


OBLIQUE is a study in surreality. Embracing the unease of experimentation, Le Lou Ula’s newest collection plays with earrings that dance with the litheness of mobiles, rings that veer into unexpected shapes, and nail enamels that bloom. The result is an illusive balance, asking more than it tells, intuiting more than it knows.


new nail enamels


clean nail enamels.

Le Lou Ula’s newest offering appears in the form of limited batch, hand crafted toxin free nail enamels. We create each enamel in our studio using an intuitive shade mixing process that reflects the decades Bramble Lee Pryde spent working with colour theory as a painter and makeup artist. Each batch is mixed according to a specific formula and colour matched by eye, producing gorgeous shades with subtle variations between batches. Le Lou Ula nail enamels are ten free, vegan and cruelty free.