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OBLIQUE is a study in surreality. Embracing the unease of experimentation, Le Lou Ula’s newest collection plays with earrings that dance with the litheness of mobiles, rings that veer into unexpected shapes, and nail enamels that bloom. The result is an illusive balance, asking more than it tells, intuiting more than it knows.

Oblique credits.

Photographer: Essentia Images
Model: Diamond Simpson
Makeup & Styling: Bramble Lee Pryde // Fieldstudy
Copy: Lakshmi Ramgopal

past collections.

A retrospective of past collections


credits and contributors

Nani Fekru | Nicole Malko | Jesse Mathers | Lykanthea | Emma Ruth Rundle | Blake Armstrong | Chantal Couture | Tenille Crow | Jane Krindle | James V Mottershead | Nedda Afsari | Amber and Kerisa Denison | Sio Heartless | Robyn Raymond | Dewi Peters | Robi Burke